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First Class Cat Food

First Class is a super premium veterinarian style food
developed specifically to keep dogs and cats healthy.

It contains high levels of fresh meat inclusion, and is completely free
from cheap ingredients which are commonly responsible for causing allergies in pets.

The First Class life-stage range is therefore the first choice for owners wanting healthy, active pets, throughout their lives.

Rich in Pure & Natural Fresh Chicken

Our recipe has natural hypo-allergenic properties as it is free from ingredients such as wheat and
dairy products, which can cause common allergies in cats and dogs resulting in skin, coat and
digestive problems.

Our food is also free from artificial colourants and flavourings. Preserved naturally with Rosemary
and Vitamin E it tastes great too.

Fresh natural chicken at high inclusion levels

Hypo-allergenic properties - entirely wheat gluten free dry food

No added artificial colourants and flavourings

Entirely natural preservatives

Easily digestible protein formula

Developed with nutritional experts

First Class – the finest food for your pet.

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