About Us

The First Class Pet Company Ltd is a strategic partner for First Class Pet Foods, responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution throughout Asia.

Our aim is to continually improve the health of pets throughout Asia using the highest quality ingredients, state of the art production facilities, extensive nutritional research and innovative recipes.

We work exclusively with the pet specialist channel so that First Class products are only distributed by companies who can understand and communicate the benefits of feeding First Class.

Our products are developed knowing that diet is an essential part of keeping a pet happy and healthy.
We work closely with vets, nutritionalists, breeders and industry experts to ensure we remain at the
forefront of pet nutrition.

We work closely with all our international business partners in marketing First Class and ensuring that more and more pets and their owners experience the benefits of First Class nutrition.

The First Class Pet Company Ltd is led by two highly experienced and respected directors who together have worked in the specialist pet industry for over 50 years:

David Alton - Director

In 1979 David founded Alton Pet Foods, manufacturing and distributing across the UK, Europe and North America. He sold the company in 1990 to William Sinclair P.L.C. and then went on to establish the Pet Division of The American Colloid Company. In 1993 David founded Pet Brands Ltd, which he built up and ran with enormous success until 2006 when he again sold his complete shareholding, this time to Equity Investment Bank. Since 2007, David has been running Alton Family Investments.


Jim Weston - Director

Jim built and owned a successful chain of pet superstores in England before selling the business to Just for Pets Ltd in 2008. He played a leading role in the original development and launch of First Class in the UK. He is also a director of Fab Creations, appointed First Class distributor to the UK.


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